Elite Night "LEGNO" Silver Birch
Elite Night "BOISERIE" Silver Birch

Elite Night "IMBOTTITO" Silver Birch - More Images and Dimensions

"L" for single or double dresser
"L" for single or double dresser
Vanity Dresser
Vanity Dresser

Elite Night "IMBOTTITO" Silver Birch

Brands Camel Modern Collection, Italy Elite Night "IMBOTTITO" Silver Birch

Headboard upholstered in EcoNabuc fabric col. 12 Cat.B. with
herringbone motif. The angle junctions between horizontal and
vertical profiles are in shining metal anthracite color.
LED reading spotlights (optional) have double luminous intensity
and incorporated USB plug
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Collection: Camelgroup Italy

Stock status: Special Order Product
Set Piece   Width " Depth " Height " Volume cu ft Weight lbs

Elite Night Qs Bed "IMBOTTITO"

165LET.11PL 154x200 **Frame Not Included** Silver Birch
  76 83 46

Elite Night Bed Ks IMBOTTITO

165LET.08PL 180x200 **Frame Not Included** Silver Birch
  83 83 46 219

Elite Night Storage Bed Ks IMBOTTITO

165LET.10PL 180x200
  83 83 46 331

Elite Night Nightstand

165CMN.01PL Silver Birch
  26 18 19 66

Elite Night Single Dresser

165CMS.01PL Silver Birch
  51 21 32 172

Elite Night Double Dresser

165CMD.01PL Silver Birch
  68 21 32 229

Elite Night Chest

165SET.01PL Silver Birch
  31 18 48 154

Elite Night Vanity Dresser

165TOI.02PL Silver Birch
  47 18 31

"L" for single or double dresser

165TOI.04PL 165TOI.03PL
  49 19 33 59

Pouf Smart *NABUK 12

  17 17 19

Elite Night Mirror

As on main picture 165SPE.01PL
  49 2 28 55

Wooden Slats Frame QS

  60 79 11 20

Wooden Slats Frame King Size

  76 79 11 25
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