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A perfect example of a modern yet rustic outdoor sitting arrangement, the Apricot Seating Set with a Coffee Table is a perfect addition to both city and country homes.

This 100% of commercial-grade furniture comes with thick cushions available in a range of color choices. You can also select the frame and rattan color to create a customized look. Featuring a heavy-gauge aluminum frame, the 3-seater sofa features square-shaped panels. The sleek and stylish coffee table complements the sofa set. The rust and UV resistant aluminum construction is virtually maintenance-free. This seating and coffee table set will not only bring in a stylish twist to your outdoors but is also ideal for any indoor home décor. The rattan base material also requires minimum to low maintenance. Just one clean wipe with a damp cloth and the sofa set is good to go for years to come.

Set includes sofa, chairs and coffee table
Minimum to low maintenance
Rust and UV resistance aluminum
100% commercial grade furniture
Aesthetically pleasing
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Collection: ESF Extravaganza Collection

Stock status: Special Order Product
Set Piece   Width " Depth " Height " Volume cu ft Weight lbs

WA1070 Round Bed

72"W x 66"D x 49"H
  72 66 49 40

WA1047 Leisure Bed

64"W x 63"D x 58"H
  64 63 58 35

WA1038 Round Bed

31"W x 29"D x 28"H
  31 29 28 45

WA1038F Round Bed

22"W x 24"D x 30"H
  22 24 30 35

WA2014A Side Table

18"W x 18"D x 21"H
  18 18 21 15

WA1039 Hammock

61"W x 32"D x 24"H
  61 32 24 45

WA1042 Round Bed

64"W x 63"D x 24"H
  64 63 24 40

WA1050 Chaise

50"W x 43"D x 26"H
  50 43 26 35

WA1049 2Seater

50"W x 32"D x 25"H
  50 32 25 30

WA2005M Coffee table

24"W x 24"D x 16"H
  24 24 16 15

WA1049 3seater

74"W x 32"D x 25"H
  74 32 25 35

WA1049 1Seater

26"W x 32"D x 25"H
  26 32 25 25

WA2004A Coffee Table

24"W x 24"D x 16"H
  24 24 16 20

WA1049 Pedal

28"W x 22"D x 15"H
  28 22 15 20

WA2018m Coffee Table

18"W x 18"D x 21"H
  18 18 21 15

WA1068 3 seater

80"W x 33"D x 45"H
  80 33 45 45

WA1068 1Seater

32"W x 32"D x 45"H
  32 32 45 30

WA2004M Coffee Table

51"W x 28"D x 14"H
  51 28 14 15

WA1103A 2 seater

57"W x 31"D x 28"H
  57 31 28 35

WA1103B 1 seater

31"W x 29"D x 28"H
  31 29 28 25

WA2050M Coffee Table

35"W x 24"D x 17"H
  35 24 17 15
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