Massimo Sectional Left:Chaise w/Storage, Bar Element, Electric Recliner, Corner, Sofa w/Bed
Quartz Sectional Right w/Electric Recliner and Bed

8501 Dark Grey w/Manual Recliner - More Images and Dimensions

8501 Dark Grey w/Manual Recliner

Living Room Furniture Reclining and Sliding Seats Sets 8501 Dark Grey w/Manual Recliner

Sofa with 2 manual recliners, Loveseat with 2 manual recliners, chair with 1 manual recliner

This modern living room furniture set w/Recliners features finest genuine Italian leather upholstery combined with the leather match on the back. European styling and design - this set is sure to impress and relax your friends, family and of course yourself.

Stock Color: #2733 Dark Grey
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Collection: ESF Extravaganza Collection

Stock status: Stock Product
Set Piece   Width " Depth " Height " Volume cu ft Weight lbs

8501 3 Sofa Dark Grey

2 recliners
  85 39 39.5 136

8501 2 Loveseat Dark Grey

2 recliners
  65 39 39.5 112

8501 1 Chair Dark Grey

1 recliner
  41 39 39.5 64
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