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Enjoy some much-needed family time with Florence Dining Set for 6. The trendy yet functional piece is all you need to make your Dining set come alive and enjoy a good time with friends and family.
The soft yet sturdy upholstery complements the style of the entire set and its classic design screams French. Add this furniture to your interior décor and turn a few heads on the way. The wide range of frame and pillow choices will let you play around with bold colors and patterns.

6-seater perfect for entire family
Premium quality material
Strapped design with smooth finish
Variety of fabric choice
Bold and patterned pillow cover
Easy to maintain
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Collection: ESF Extravaganza Collection

Stock status: Special Order Product
Set Piece   Width " Depth " Height " Volume cu ft Weight lbs

WA5036 Chair

18"W x 23"D x 32"H
  18 23 32 15

WA4043M Dining Table

60"W x 36"D x 30"H
  60 36 30 30

WA5035 Chair

21"W x 25"D x 31"H
  21 25 31 15

WA4041M Dining Table

71"W x 39"D x 30"H
  71 39 30 30

WA7012M Service Cart

21"W x 28"D x 30"H
  21 28 30 15

WA4044M Dining Table

35"W x 35"D x 30"H
  35 35 30 30

WA4045P Dining Table

94"W x 39"D x 30"H
  94 39 30 35

WA3007 Bar Chair

16"W x 20"D x 39"H
  16 20 39 15

WA4039M Bar Counter

51"W x 28"D x 40"H
  51 28 40 30

WA4040M Bar Counter

28"W x 28"D x 40"H
  28 28 40 30

WA3008 Bar Chair

16"W x 16"D x 29"H
  16 16 29 15

WA4038M Bar Counter

73''W x 28"D x 40"H
  73 28 40 40

WA1083A 2Seater

54"W x 31"D x 38"H
  54 31 38 30

WA1083B 1Seater

24"W x 30"D x 38"H
  24 30 38 20

WA2043P Coffee Table

28"W x 28"D x 16"H
  28 28 16 10

WA2042M Coffee Table

31"W x 31"D x 14"H
  31 31 14 15

WA2044M Coffee Table

24"W x 24"D x 16"H
  24 24 16 20

WA2018m Coffee Table

18"W x 18"D x 21"H
  18 18 21 20

WA7017 Flower Vase

59"W x 16"D x 52"H
  59 16 52 25

WA7018 Flower Vase

59"W x 16"D x 52"H
  59 16 52 25
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