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QS bed
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Anna Status Bed

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The new collection that evokes harmony The bed has a headboard enveloping with sinuous lines and rounded profiles. The built-in light catches the eye while creating an absolutely unique atmosphere.
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Collection: Status Italy

Stock status: Stock Product
Set Piece   Width " Depth " Height " Volume cu ft Weight lbs

Anna Ks Bed

**frame not included**

  83 88 53

Anna Qs Bed

**frame not included**

  66 88 53

Wooden Slats Frame QS w/adjustable legs

  30*2 79 11 0.13 20

Wooden Slats Frame KS w/adjustable legs

  38*2 79 11 0.17 25

Valencia QS Platform

  60 79 10 0.17 20

Valencia KS Platform

Consist of 2 separate upholstered frames 39" x 79" with 8 legs each.
  38*2 79 10 0.20 30

Camel QS Wooden Slats Frame Folded w/legs

153x203cm opened

Made in Italy

  30*2 79 11 0.13 20

Camel KS Wooden Slats Frame Folded w/legs

193x203cm opened

Made in Italy

  38*2 79 11 0.17 25
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